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When Dorothy Parker Got Fired from *Vanity Fair*

Thursday 6 February 2020 at 06:53

Dorothy Parker’s reputation as one of the premier wits of the 20th century rests firmly on the brilliance of her writing, but the image of her as a plucky, fast-talking, independent woman of her times owes more than a little to her seat at the legendary Algonquin Round Table. Jonathan Goldman explores the beginnings of the famed New York group and how Parker's determination to speak her mind — even when it angered men in positions of power — gave her pride of place within it.


Sarah Goodridge’s Beauty Revealed (1828)

Wednesday 5 February 2020 at 06:53

The story of American artist Sarah Goodridge’s erotic self-portrait on a miniature ivory plate, given as a secret present to her lover, US Senator Daniel Webster.


Nooks and Corners of Old New York (1899)

Tuesday 28 January 2020 at 06:25

A detailed guide to the old stories and landscapes of New York City, published in the last year of the 19th century.


John Gould's Mammals of Australia (1845–63)

Thursday 23 January 2020 at 10:26

Iconic illustrations of Australian mammals from a groundbreaking multi-volume work by the English naturalist John Gould, and his wife, the artist Elizabeth Gould.


Emma Willard's Maps of Time

Wednesday 22 January 2020 at 07:23

In the 21st-century, infographics are everywhere. In the classroom, in the newspaper, in government reports, these concise visual representations of complicated information have changed the way we imagine our world. Susan Schulten explores the pioneering work of Emma Willard (1787–1870), a leading feminist educator whose innovative maps of time laid the groundwork for the charts and graphics of today.


Six Plays of the Yiddish Theatre (1916)

Tuesday 21 January 2020 at 10:27

Anthology of six plays by four leading Yiddish-language playwrights of the early 20th century, including Sholem Aleichem and Sholem Asch.


The Jester (1908)

Tuesday 21 January 2020 at 10:27

Early film about a cigarette-smoking jester who plays havoc with the world around her.


François de Nomé’s Imaginary Ruins

Thursday 16 January 2020 at 13:42

Startling Baroque paintings of imaginary ruins and other fantastic architecture by a proto-surrealist master.


Of Pears and Kings

Thursday 9 January 2020 at 07:54

Images have long provided a means of protesting political regimes bent on censoring language. In the 1830s a band of French caricaturists, led by Charles Philipon, weaponized the innocent image of a pear to criticize the corrupt and repressive policies of King Louis-Philippe. Patricia Mainardi investigates the history of this early 19th-century meme.


W. W. Denslow’s Illustrations for the Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900)

Wednesday 8 January 2020 at 07:53

The strange, unhappy life of W. W. Denslow, the illustrator of L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.