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Charlie and his Orchestra

Thursday 1 September 2011 at 14:45

1. Indian Love Call 3:19
2. Japanese Sandman 3:16
3. Makin Whoopee 3:07
4. Nice People (incomplete) 1:30
5. South Of The Border 2:55
6. Stardust 3:26
7. Tea for Two 2:56
8. Thanks For The Memory 3:08

Charlie and his Orchestra (also referred to as the “Templin band” and “Bruno and His Swinging Tigers”) were a Nazi-sponsored German propaganda swing band, who were broadcast by Joseph Goebbels on short-wave to British listeners every Wednesday and Saturday at around 9pm. As an official Reichsministerium band, the group made over 90 recordings between March 1941 and February 1943. The purpose of the band was to stir pro-Nazi sympathy, draw attention to World War II Allied losses, convince listeners that Great Britain was a pawn for American and Jewish interests, and carry German dictator Adolf Hitler’s messages in an entertaining form. The songs stressed how badly the war was going for the target audience, and how it was only going to be a matter of time before they would be beaten. American swing and popular British songs were initially performed true to the original, until about the second or third stanza where pro-German lyrics and monologues would be introduced. Apparently, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill enjoyed the broadcasts, finding the lyrics hilarious.

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Charlie and His Orchestra