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Dear so-called «social» websites

jeudi 8 août 2013 à 10:51

Your catchword is «share», but you don't want us to share. You want to keep us within your walled gardens. That's why you've been removing RSS links from webpages, hiding them deep on your website, or removed RSS entirely, replacing it with crippled or demented proprietary API. FUCK YOU.

You're not social when you hamper sharing by removing RSS. You're happy to have customers create content for your ecosystem, but you don't want this content out - a content you do not even own. Google Takeout is just a gimmick. We want our data to flow, we want RSS.

We want to share with friends, using open protocols: RSS, XMPP, whatever. Because no one wants to have your service with your applications using your API forced-feeded to them. Friends must be free to choose whatever software and service they want.

We are rebuilding bridges your have wilfully destroyed.

Get your shit together: Put RSS back in.

(Same article in French here.)

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